Table Manners @ Longshot Island

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Your fork screeches across the plate, bringing the dinner conversation to an abrupt halt. You feel as if you should apologize but you cannot; improvisation is frowned upon.

I’m proud to be working with Longshot Island once more to release another story. As always, D.S. White, the editor over at Longshot, is a writer’s best friend. If you’ve got a story, I urge you to submit it to Longshot.

Click the above link to read Table Manners. Let me know what you think, unless it’s bad, in which case let Longshot know what you think. They’re the ones that published it, blame them!

Is this thing on?

To be honest, I didn’t know anyone did blogs anymore.

I didn’t think anyone truly participated in blogs even when blogging was all over the place. Apparently I was wrong, so here we are.

Just like every fad, I’m about 5 years behind. So bear with me.

I like to write. If you like to read, then we will get along swimmingly. Unless you don’t like what I write. I don’t like you either, then. So.

Well, as the British would say, “I hope you enjoy my blog.”

They speak the same language as me. I can throw a “biscuit” or “mum” in there if you’d like. Let’s try again.

“I hope you enjoy me biscuit, mum.”

Okay, bye.