Table Manners in Hidden Nature; Coming Soon

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A Hankering for Lettuce by Elby Cloud

“Flames leaped up and danced merrily in the pot. The odor of the forest returned full strength. She reached into the flame, grabbed a branch and pulled.”

Check out this enchanting story by Elby Cloud!

Read “A Hankering for Lettuce” on Longshot Island for free here!

The State of the Publishing Industry-D.S. White

D.S. WhiteIf you’re a writer of short stories, and you’re not Ray Bradbury risen from the dead (one can dream), then by now you know that there are a TON of issues within this specific sect of the writing realm that is more apparent with each submitted story.

D.S. White (writer and the man behind the Longshot Island curtain) recently did a piece on this that will probably cause you to pound your fist on the long, oaken table and shout, “Huzzah!” with your fellow brethren (and…sisthren? #equality #2017) as you down that curved horn of ale.

Read The State of the Publishing Industry here 

Update/Public Reading

Hello all,

I apologize about the radio silence as of late. My short stories have taken a back seat to a few novels I’m excited to be working on. I’m hoping to post some excerpts for you to think, “Meh” about.

In other news, I’ll be reading one of my stories at a Longshot Island event at the Book Cellar in Chicago! So, if you’re stalking me, you’ll know where I’ll be on June 22nd at 7 P.M.